Brand Guide
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This document contains the rules for our visual communication system. Follow these rules strictly to maintain brand consistency. This includes all of the elements you may need—logos, typefaces, colors, and more—to create a consistent tone, look, and feel for Values Partnerships’ materials.

We invite you to absorb this information and reference it often to become an informed keeper of the brand.


The core palette will cover the majority of your needs. It’s intentionally small in variety so as to not dilute the brand visuals, which adds confusion.

HEX: #00bed6
RGB: 0, 90, 214
CMYK: 70, 0, 16, 0

HEX: #081a2b
RGB: 8, 26, 43
CMYK: 90, 77, 54, 68

HEX: #fed767
RGB: 254, 215, 103
CMYK: 1, 14, 71, 0

HEX: #ec5a5f
RGB: 236, 90, 95
CMYK: 2, 80, 57, 0

HEX: #f2f1f1
RGB: 242, 241, 241
CMYK: 4, 3, 3, 0


Typography is a major part of Values Partnerships. We have selected families that are legible, classy, and represent the high value the company provides. The two font below should be the only ones used. Miller Display is our headline font. It should be used for all headers and H1 needs. Gibson is a clean sans font that is easily read and versatile. In most instances, we use Gibson light for a lot of our needs with Gibson Semibold for highlighting needs.

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