Who We Are

We’re dreamers and doers. We’re activists and realists. We know the power of faith-based, ethnic, and community partnerships to solve problems, and change the world. We take on causes and clients we believe in – and then we work with you to build grassroots partnerships and advocacy campaigns to advance goals, and mobilize customers, constituencies and audiences worldwide.

Let’s get concrete: we help health care providers partner with faith communities to improve public health in local neighborhoods. We help media companies grow and expand religious and ethnic audiences. We work with foundations, nonprofits and governments to build faith community networks that solve specific social problems, from fatherlessness to hunger. We build advocacy campaigns for social causes, based in our extensive media experience and relationships. We assist private companies in solving problems and reaching new markets within grassroots communities,  forming partnerships with real value. And we help religious organizations navigate the public square.

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We Help Your
Organization build PARTNERSHIPS...

Starting with a clear vision for your goals, we help you form relationships with faith-based and community organizations that can support your vision. But, it’s not all about you: real partnerships are formed when both parties can help each other. So we look for ways to help both parties, creating value for everyone we approach.


Creating connections is only the first step. Success depends on a clear plan for community engagement that delivers practical, measurable value to you and the people you serve. We develop strategies, campaigns and programs to support your goals and create lasting impact.

We Build
results through those programs and partnerships...

We help you measure the outcomes of these partnerships for your organization and for the community. In the successes we find stories you can share and take pride in.