12 Considerations for Congregational Security

By Admin on June 19, 2015 Back to Blog list

Brothers and Sisters,

We are so glad many of you reached out to us seeking a call on congregational security and joined the call today. Per our conversation on the call, here are 3 pieces of follow-up information:

1. You can download the “12 Steps” document we discussed here.

2. You can access a recording of the conference call here.

3. For those who asked about following up with security experts to discuss individualized assessments for your congregations, please fill out this form and we’ll put you in touch.

These resources are not intended to be exhaustive nor comprehensive. Rather, this resource is merely designed to help you and your congregation begin taking healthy steps. We hope it is of assistance to you.

We end where we began: we approach this conversation with confidence and calm. We know that God has not given us a spirit of fear. And we know that we will never bow down to intimidation and terrorism. We also know that we should do everything we can to be wise and strategic in the protection of our congregations.

Ultimately, our trust is in the Lord. He is our protection and the source of our strength.

Every blessing,
Scott Buckhout
Values Partnerships