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Shark Tank Casting Call

Register to pitch your business at the San Francisco Casting Call with the casting team from ABC’s Shark Tank on July 22nd, 2015.

On a first come, first serve basis, companies may be selected to pitch their businesses to the casting team of ABC’s Shark Tank.

Please note: Shark Tank occasionally features entrepreneurs who have a “good idea,” but the vast majority of entrepreneurs that appear on the show have a strong customer base, revenue and some level of existing investment. If you have a business that matches these criteria, please apply and we’ll be in touch with venue and other details.

This event is sponsored by Shark Tank, BUILDUP, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, Bronze Investments, theREGISTRYBayArea.com and Values Partnerships.

Panel Discussion and Networking

Join us July 22nd at 6:00pm for a panel with investors and entrepreneurs after the Shark Tank Casting Call held at The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco.

The panel will cover current investor and market trends, how Silicon Valley & Bay Area startups compare to startups on ABC’s Shark Tank and the best way entrepreneurs to pitch to investors.

Startups/Entrepreneurs who would like to pitch for the casting call earlier in the day, RSVP here: valuespartnerships.com/SFSharkTank/

Nicola Corzine

Executive Director Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

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    Values Partnerships

      Jeff Thomas

      President, Liquidity Solutions NASDAQ Private Market

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        Chief Investment Officer Bronze Investments

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          General Partner BUILDUP